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 To The Stars Through Trials EP
 1. Bowery Beginings
 2. Hawaiian Ginger...
 3. Growing Away
 4. Loyalty
 5. What's It Gonna Be
 6. Unconditional


(Jordan Crowder)


You say you dont know me

And I dont know you

When you laugh with all your friends

Behind my back

You make fun of my songs

I wrote for you

You say I'm immature

But whos calling names


Is this how the story ends

Or is this just the start


I guess this is heartache

Or is it just true love

Maybe Ive screwed up

But I want you here with me


Is this how its gonna end

Youre mad and so am I

You can't just do that

And rip my heart it two

And if you go take your knife

And stab me in the back

When my body hits the floor

I'll kiss your feet


Please stop let's not fight

Life is too short for this


I guess this is heartbreak

I guess this is falling in love

Lets' kiss and make up

'Cause I need you here with me


My heart is in a blender

My heart's on a roller coaster

Crazy but I'd do this again

Crazy but I want this again

(Jordan Crowder)
So I sit, and I think
about this past year and how much I've changed
I've changed, changed so much
I don't know myself anymore
Lord bring me back, to the boy I once was
and the man I'm supposed to be
So I ask, How can you love someone like me,
when I mess up all the time?
How can you trust someone like me,
when I betray you and lie?

Forgive me Lord for what I've done
and what I'll probabbly do again...
'cause you know I'm gonna do this again
you know I'm gonna do this again
can't help it gonna mess up again
I know I'm gonna do this again, again, again & again
I wanna, I wanna live for you
And I wanna, I wanna be a slave to you
Lord bring me back to when I was a kid
and nothing in this world could change me

(Jordan Crowder)

When I first met you
when I looked In to your eyes,
I thought that we would be together
for the rest of our lives,
I was broken down
I thought I'd never fall in love,
But when I saw your angel face
I knew God sent you from above

Please don't go
There's too much to do

Now I know the truth that
your eyes can hypnotize,
Every time I turn my back
your foolin' with the guys,
You really love to steal the hearts
from all the boys,
We have feelings too you know
can't treat us like your toys

I was wrong
I'm moving on
You lead me on...
You lead me on
Now I'm gone

(Jordan Crowder)


In your eyes

I see your soul
In your heart

there's an empty hole
Searching for something

to fill it out
Tell me, what you think

your life's about?


Youre always taking

but not giving
You say you're alive

but are you living?

Your tired, jaded and all alone
You just can't do this on your own

There's a choice to make

in your life
To save you from

this pain and strife
He'll open your eyes

and TRUTH you'll see
It's up to you

What's it gonna be?


(Jordan Crowder)


You say Ill never make it

You call me a young, dumb, fool

But I have a dream

And thats all Ill ever need


Im moving to the stars

Through trials I will get through

Through good times and the hard

Cant stop me now Im on my way


When Im at the top

You sitting there in shock

Wondering what you did wrong

Say you never liked me anyway


Great things come to those who wait

Lifes too short to wait for great

Going after it right away

While of you just fade away


Cant wait, wont wait, can wait!

Wont wait, cant wait, wont wait!

Cant wait, wont wait, can wait!

Wont wait, cant wait, wont wait!


Just give the fuel I need

To press on and to push through

Try to pull me down

Cause Im going to prove to you

(Jordan Crowder)

I remember him, he was a good kid
we were best friends, we hung out all the time
we had our fun, we'd never commit a crime

Then he got old and went to high school
Suddenly he cared a bout being cool
thought it would be fun and hung out with the thugs
Remember when you said, you would never do those d.rugs 

Uh oh! It happened again
Lost another one of my friends
The power of association is so strong
Alters your judgement, can't see right from wrong

I remember her, she was a straight edge g.irl
soon became a victim of the world,
Liberal media and college science
You've forgotten your roots, and sold your conscience
Take it from me, I've been there before
Think of these words before you walk out that door
The power of association is so strong
It will alter your judgment, you won't tell right from wrong

(Jordan Crowder)

Hey Baby Doll,
Can I meet you at the mall?
Can I take you out to a movie?
Don't care what we do, as long as you're here with me

Please don't go to work,
Please stay,
Quit your job baby,
Let's run away

'cause all I want is...

Hawaiian Ginger & Watermelon Lip Gloss
Without you I'm really at a loss
Hawaiian Ginger & Watermelon Lip Gloss...

I know you've been hurt in the past,
Relationships that did not last,
Just know this "My Aim Is True"
You're the one for me & I know
I'm the one for you

Let's not go to school,
Let's skip,
Just for a day darling
Let's take a trip

'cause all I wan't is...

Hawaiian Ginger & Watermelon Lip Gloss
Without you I'm really at a loss
Hawaiian Ginger & Watermelon Lip Gloss...

'cause all I want is YOU!

(Jordan Crowder)

Tonight, I can't sleep,
Tonight, I can't eat,
Tonight, I can't sit in bed,
Tonight, I can't get her out of my head

She is, the coolest in the world
She is, my punk rock g.irl 
Like a princess in a book,
And like Rachael Leigh Cook
"She's All That" and much more

I can't wait till tommorow,
When I see her at school,
What will I say?
Will she think I'm cool?

We apologise for any similarities to names or characters in these songs. These similarities a strictly a coincidence......All songs a property of Cadywoompus, All Rights Reserved.